Experts in all aspects of holiday related terminations, legal claims and mediation


In our role as mediators, we aim to provide best advice with the sole intention of resolving disputes between our clients and their resort or holiday club. Thus avoiding costly and lengthy legal action.


Should mediation fail the next option open to our clients is legal termination of their contract. Working with our Spanish and UK legal partners we can terminate the majority of holiday ownership agreements.


A large number of termination cases have a parallel claim for compensation. Our legal partners can assess your claim, giving you an outline of your best course of action, together with an appraisal of likely compensation.

Professionals on your side

First rate negotiators are made and not born. The foremost quality needed by a negotiator is the ability to analyse the situation and balance the interests of all parties. Most people, in the course of their daily business, do not acquire the skills or abilities to negotiate an optimal outcome. The insight to see both sides and to bring solutions to the table that both parties are happy with is a rare talent. This ability is drawn from practice and training, and only comes after many years negotiating at a high level; Centaurus Mediations brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in gaining successful outcomes for our clients.


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