About Us


Our Team

Centaurus Mediations has its headquarters in our luxury Tenerife offices. This is not only our administrative centre but also houses the bulk of our mediation consultants, claims auditors, legal negotiators; as well as our staff such as our human resources, accounts and company officers.

Dedicated to our clients

Our ethos is a simple one -  it is better to meet and discuss matters and hopefully find common ground than it is to instruct lawyers and fight costly legal battles. All our actions and advice are predicated on this central ethos.

Our Story

Our company grew out of the perceived need for a service which stood squarely in the corner of the holiday owner/holiday club member. Our main intention was to provide advice and guidance that would negate the need for recourse to the law – a costly and time consuming process that often offered a very poor return on money spent.

It was our opinion that Holiday resorts and unhappy members needed a middle ground where issues could be discussed, without the intervention of costly lawyers, and a suitable solution could be found for many issues before they were formally taken to complaint level. With this mindset, we based our service around mediation rather than litigation. Although sometimes when all other avenues have failed, we will instruct legal action on our client's behalf, this is not our preferred course of action.

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