Contract Disputes

We bring vast experience and skilled mediation solutions to all aspects of holiday contract disputes.

Trust Building

Experience shows us that the majority of disputes can be solved, without the need for legal recourse.

Mediated Agreements

 Whatever the starting point of a negotiation we aim towards a mediated resolution, agreed by all parties. 

We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased rapport and mutual cooperation thanks to our work.

- Simon Harmer. Head of Commercial Mediation

Knowledge & Experience

All our mediators bring a wealth of experience with them and offer an individual take on the art and science of mediation. This allows Centaurus Mediations to provide a very broad range of resolutions. Holiday ownership contracts, Timeshare agreements and Holiday Club membership are just some of the areas in which we specialise. We have experts in personal, commercial and financial mediation, giving us both wide knowledge and a depth of experience in a range of holiday and overseas related mediations.

Growth in 2017
Client Satisfaction

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